Spendor D1 Premium

Beste testkarakter i det anerkjente magasinet, Hi-Fi Choice:

« It is smooth, well integrated between the mid/bass unit and the tweeter, and yet has a naturally spry and airy disposition that´s bubbling with detail.”

“Elements of the mix dash around the room, these speakers throwing out a bewilderingly wide soundstage given their size. Inside this, things are balanced, vocals appear intimate, with a fine texture to the singer´s voice. Bass drums thunk with grat speed and snares cut through the mix…”

“…it carries the subtle textures of the strings with impressive delicaty and refinement.”

“I would say this is one of the best mini-monitors currently on sale – or indeed ever made.”

Leveres i eksklusive finisher som Satin White, Dark Ebony og Spendor Dark.